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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Outing, Central Market

Street performer, Central Market, KL July 8th 2008
My original plan was to shoot Fruit Day in Central Merket. However, I'd rather do something else. The number of illegal fruit hawker is more than the number of fruit hawker participate in the program. So, I wandered off the alleys new the market. I spotted this street performer singing "The land of the rising sun".

Street performer, Central Market, KL July 8th 2008

Well, I managed to persuade this lady to join, and she sure knew how to have fun.

Everybody has a partner, July 8th. 2008

I was having teh tarik (local version of tea-condensed milk shake) when i spotted this ash-tray. "Semua orang ada pasangan" literally means everybody has a partner.

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