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Friday, September 26, 2008

Village Scene

A wooden house
Most of malay houses in villages are made of wood and built on stilts. This type of design helps to lower down the temperature because the air can easily circulate via the floor of the house. Back in the old days, palm leaves were used as the roof. The helps to insulate the house from the scorching sunlight during the days. The design really made the house very comfortable.
Nowadays, the roof were made of metal (Zinc). This is very bad because it turns the house into an oven during the noon. Even the stilts cannot help to cool down the house.
This house were shot near the Dungun Jetty during my recent fishing trip.

A fishing village.

I was raised in a village similar to this one. My house was also on stilts and near a brackish river. So, most of my childhood time were spent in muds looking for clams (lokan), netting for shrimps and mudskippers. During the evening I would wait for the fishermen coming home with their catch. They would throw us some of the fish that had no commercial values. The fish that they threw us actually were the best tasting fish ever, like the parrotfish, titus (Jebong or ikan ayam as the city people called them) and sting rays. We (me and my cousins) would raise some fire using the plam leaves and made our own version barbeque. This is one of the days that I define as "Good Times".

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